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 The Star Wagon

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Mrs RizZO


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PostSubject: The Star Wagon   Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:24 am

I have bought me the film but the language is only in english, i don't understand the film can your me help please
I understand the film only a little bit , with time machine
but what about Dustin Hoffman? he's there a little crazy right? can someone explain to me his character maybe you can help me to explain his role?
But the film is good and black white Very Happy Dustin Hoffman looks cute Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Star Wagon   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:07 pm

Well, yeah....the movie was kind of boring to me and I don't really even remember it much! lol But I'll try to recite everything:

It's more or so about this man and woman whose relationship is slowly dying. Dustin's character is there only because the man (Forgot his name, I think the person who plays him is named Orson Bean, so we'll call him that) feels in debt to him. During the 4th of July (I think) Dustin's character saved him from drowning. But this is having a huge strain on the relationship between Orson and his wife. Orson's wife always nags him about getting rid of him, but in the end never does.

So Orson makes a time machine, I believe not really thinking it would really work. Then two robbers come in, I forgot what they wanted. Maybe the time machine...after a while, (A LONG while of them talking) Orson and Dustin get on the time machine and it works. They get sent back to that 4th of July day where everything seemed to have turned for Orson. Or really, they get sent back eariler in the week. Orson decides to make the decision to spend some days there trying to get reconnected with his young wife and Dustin...just kind of hangs around.

The whole story then flows around their relationship, how they fell in love, etc. All that boring stuff. BUT Orson somehow drowns again and we get to see Dustin save him.

When they go back to the future though, somehow it's different. I forgot why. But they're still depressed. Everyone, Dustin, Orson and his wife. The ending...I believe is hopeful...

God, this is a horrible summery...overall it's a story about nothing. Nothing too interesting at least in my opinion. We can wait for someone much more better than me to retell the story Laughing

Sorry if I couldn't be of more help!
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The Star Wagon
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